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Get a better night’s sleep with a neck pillow.

| October 12, 2010 | 6 Comments

In our great-grandparent’s time, people were far more active than most of us today. Daily chores required lots of physical movement. Whout washers and dryers, these tasks were done manually, using a washboard and lots of elbow grease. Today almost all of our daily chores are done with machines which do the work for us.

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The end result of today’s sedentary lifestyle is a nationwide epidemic of back and neck pain. Thankfully, along with washers and dryers, the modern world has supplied us with devices to alleviate such pains. The neck pillow is one terrific invention.

At the end of the work day, your spine has compressed somewhat – especially those of us who are older – and the inevable back and neck pains ensue. By the time you get to bed, you may be in considerable discomfort. An ordinary pillow isn’t going to help.

On the other hand, a neck pillow is specially designed to give support to the bones of the neck, helping to restore the natural curvature of the spine. When you lay down on a neck pillow, you feel almost immediate relief from that stiff neck. You get a more restful sleep and your body feels much better when you awaken to a new day.

There are different types and styles of these pillows, but the purpose is essentially the same. People with long necks often need a neck pillow that more firmly corrects the neck curvature. If this is you, choose one of that is shaped most like a conventional pillow. These are usually made of foam molded with a built-in curve, higher on one side than the other. Your neck rests on the higher end, lending good support.

If your neck is not overly long but just of normal length, the roll style of neck pillow is a good choice. This can be placed at the base of your regular pillow, giving nice support to your neck, while your regular fluffy pillow allows a soft resting spot for your head.

Still another type of neck pillow is of Japanese origin. This pillow is made of cloth and is filled with rice. This pillow may be warmed in the microwave. The rice-filled pillow conforms precisely to your neck. The warmth helps to ease stiff and tightened muscles, allowing you to relax and nod off, waking refreshed and pain free.

You owe to yourself to give one of these neck pillows a try. It’s almost a certainty that you’ll enjoy more restful sleep and soon find you have more energy on a daily basis. The neck pillow is a wonderful invention of the modern times