Looking for that fountain of youth? Six powerful anti-aging herbs

No one looks forward to growing old, acquiring painful and debilitating health conditions which detract from our quality of life. Nonetheless, as we age, many of us develop high blood pressure, too-high cholesterol readings, arthritis, circulatory problems, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, thyroid disease and a host of other dangerous health conditions. No matter your age, the eight anti-aging herbs described here can improve your quality of life, reverse certain conditions and give you good looks that belie your actual age.

Although modern medicine has produced many life-saving drugs, sometimes the side effects are almost as bad as the condition! On the other hand, while herbal medicine is still not regarded as mainstream treatment, the world of medicinal plants offers some powerful remedies for a plethora of ailments. Many of these anti-aging herbs also provide preventative properties that keep your body in tip-top shape, allowing you to avoid many debilitating conditions we often regard as inevitable to the process of aging.

With the possible exception of Siberian Ginseng, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an agent which promotes longevity, there aren’t any herbs specifically referred to as anti-aging herbs. However, there are many which can keep your body in great shape, well into your older years. All of these are readily found in any herb shop. Let’s take a look.

Dandelion root is best known as a liver cleanser and blood purifier. Less well known, but important benefits of this humble root, include its ability to regulate the flow of insulin in diabetics, preventing sudden rushes of excess insulin to the blood. Also of import to diabetics is that it improves kidney function and kidney disorders, by virtue of increasing the ability of the kidneys to cleanse the blood. It’s also valuable in promoting a healthy pancreas and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Dandelion root is high in fiber and nutrient rich, containing more vitamin A than carrots, as well as being richer in vitamins C, D and the B-complex than most veggies!

Siberian ginseng, best known as the ‘longevity’ herb, protects your body from stress, while increasing both physical functioning and mental acuity. This anti-aging herb is also an adaptogen, with respect to regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This means if either is too high, or too low, this herb brings these readings to a normal level.

Cayenne pepper is one of the best anti-aging herb powerhouses at your disposal. In addition to regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it strengthens thyroid function, promotes good circulation, reduces stress, fights fatigue and is a natural antibiotic.

Garlic, like cayenne, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is a natural antibiotic, effective against 27 distinct pathogens, including staph. It’s also an effective treatment for vaginal yeast infections. That’s a good tip for women who are taking a round of prescription antibiotics – including a good amount of garlic in your diet while taking this medication can prevent the ‘inevitable’ yeast infection which usually follows.

Echinacea root is another premier anti-aging herb, which works wonders on your immune system response. It’s a good remedy for most skin disorders, including acne, abscesses and boils. A paste of this herb, applied directly to wounds and insect bites, stimulates the healing of wounds.

Burdock root is yet another must-have for your anti-aging herbal cupboard. Burdock root is a powerful blood cleanser, recommended particularly for flushing your body of toxins and wastes, such as accumulate during illness, good also as a recuperative tonic. Burdock root is restorative to the liver and gallbladder. It’s also another natural antibiotic, with anti-fungal and anti-tumor properties as well.

Illnesses and certain lifestyle choices all take a toll on your overall health. Over time, the accumulation catches up with your general health. Keeping your body clean and strong, from the inside out, is your best assurance of maintaining good health right into old age. Try these six anti-aging herbs and see how much better you look and feel. Often, you’ll feel the results in as little as a month.

Use these anti-aging herbs much like a spring tonic. Don’t take them continuously – 10 days on and 10 days off is a prudent plan. Rotate the herbs you take. Talk with your health professional to be sure there are no contraindications, concerning any conditions or medications for which you are currently being treated. To your best health!

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