Tens units for sale and What Are They?

Unless you have suffered with pain at some point (and who hasn’t) you may not have heard of TENS units. These devices came about as another way to move away from drugs while providing pain relief. It seems that more and more of us are becoming conscious of the fact that becoming dependent on medications is not desirable. In fact, the potential side effects can make us wonder if taking any medication is worth the risks.

That is why people are turning to more natural remedies and solutions for pain relief. Some are very natural, such as controlled breathing, and others include more advanced developments. And that brings us back to the TENS unit. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. These units are compact and they are actually battery operated. This makes them very convenient to use and they have no side effects.

You simply place four electrode pads on your skin in specified locations. It is very important that the pads are properly placed so be sure to read the manual or ask your doctor the best positioning specifically for your needs. Once the electrode pads are placed you adjust the electrical impulse according to what works for you. Various units come with slightly different options in the controls but all allow you to make adjustments in the amount of impulse you receive. You can also adjust the pattern you receive the impulse in.

Tens units for sale and What Are They?

The unit is effective because the electronic impulses from the TENS unit block the sensory nerves of your body. That means those signals cannot get to your brain and you will not feel any pain. The device also helps to aid the body in the release of endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for making you sense that you feel good and are not in pain.

Physical therapists commonly use TENS units on their patients to relieve pain. It is not uncommon for the patients to have a home unit prescribed for their use. While some people find the impulse uncomfortable most say that it is very effective at relieving pain. And because there are no side effects or limitations while using the device, many people prefer it over other methods.

Proper storage of the unit is important in order to protect it. Most units come with two batteries so you can always have one fully charged and ready to go. The electrode pads are reusable but they do have to be replaced after several uses. Your skin type will have a great deal to do with how often you have to replace those. The manufacturer will make replacement pads easily accessible and the good news is that they come in different sizes. These units are another step away from pharmaceutical methods of pain relief.