The perfume shop and antique perfume bottles.

The perfume shop and aromatherapy oil

Do you smell nice? Okay, I realize the question is a bit odd, but it’s a valid one nevertheless. The fact of the matter is no one wants to stink. This is just part of our human code. Smelling good is certainly a must in our contemporary society. No one wants to be deemed a pariah due to foul body odor. This is where fragrances, deodorants, and body sprays come into play. Hey, I’ll bet you have a few in your medicine cabinet or perched on top of your dresser. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a high fashion, trendy, cosmetic world. Smelling sweet is aloud. Well, maybe not too sweet if you’re a man. Regardless of this phenomenon, it basically comes down to, what fragrances are right for you and where do you purchase them? Hey, why no at the perfume shop and aromatherapy oil?

Ever heard of little place called the perfume shop and aromatherapy oil? Okay, so it’s not exactly the most original name. However, the perfume shop has all the basic necessities when it comes to smelling great. Nope, it’s not downtown, and it’s not in the local shopping mall. The perfume shop and aromatherapy oil is located on the World-Wide-Web. This is the best way to shop these days. How many times have you ventured out to the local mall in search of some cool new product or apparel, and sadly came up short? There are too many occasions like this for me to count. That is why I turn to my trusty laptop for all my shopping needs. The malls are just there for browsing and trying things on now days. Find out if you like it or not in person, then hop online and snag it for a much lower price. The same goes for perfume, cologne, aromatherapy oil and aftershave. It’s a breeze to stroll through the local department store and steal a whiff of all the latest fragrances, and then once you’ve made your choice, you head back home to buy it online from the perfume shop and aromatherapy oil.

What type of scent do you prefer? Are you into floral aromas, woodsy smells, or spicy scents? When you check out the perfume shop, you’ll notice that they have them all. Regardless of what you or your spouse prefers you to splash on, you’ll locate it in the perfume shop. Get online today and browse through a vast spectrum of fragrances to suit any and everyone. That ideal scent is waiting for you.

Antique perfume bottles

My sister collects antique perfume bottles. She has for as long as I can remember. Her interest in antique perfume bottles began when she was a child. Like most children, she loved things that glittered and sparkled. She loved costume jewelry, shiny rocks and even my grandmother’s glass doorknobs. It only stood to reason that she would like decorative glass as well.

Her collection began with an old decorative aftershave bottle that was bought for my father years earlier. Avon used to put its aftershave for men in attractive glass ornaments styled as automobiles and the like. My sister loved the items so much that my mother began collecting similar items for her to keep, as long as she took very good care of them.

Not only did my sister take good care of the glassware, she wound up stocking up an impressive collection of antique perfume bottles in the process. There are some items in the group that are really appealing. You can spend a good deal of time sifting through the seemingly endless assortment of glass.

However, not all of the antique perfume bottles were made of glass. I favor a few items in the assortment that are made out of metal. One of these metal items was either used for fragrance or for smelling salts. I like this piece because it is a little mysterious and because it is dated 1914 which makes it even more interesting.

Indigo Blue Moroccan Style Perfume Bottle Swarovski Crystals Floral French Morrocan Vintage style w/Certificate of Authenticity & Padded Boxed Packaging Limited Edition

I also like that some of the items in my sister’s collection tell stories that were shared by my family member. One story stands out about a mermaid and her fragrance carried by friendly fish. My grandmother gave my a particular set that still has me green with envy. The vintage bottles were a pair of fish.

These antique perfume bottles had cast metal holders. The caps screwed on the top and each cap had a “dab tube” that was used to dispense a modest amount of fragrance for the wearer. The antique perfume bottles boasted the finest detail including fish scales that almost looked real.

I have to say that these are my particular favorite among my sister’s collection. She would argue that this is because they were not made of glass. Maybe she is right. I personally never found glass to be of any particular interest. However, seeing her collection of antique perfume bottles is a real treat even for those of us who are not fascinated with glimmer.

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