What Causes Nightmares? Review.

You dream at least eight or ten times a night, but you probably only remember one or two of these dreams. The ones that fade away are the ones deep in the night or that were short and sweet. Those that are most memorable are the ones that you have right before you wake up in the morning or if you wake up in the night. Nightmares happen to just about everyone from time to time, but some have them more often than not. If you are one of those people, you should understand what causes nightmares to understand them better.

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If you want to understand what causes nightmares, you have to think about what is bothering you. Dreams are symbolic, but no ordinary dream dictionary is going to help you out very much. Those things like death often symbolize change in almost any type of dream or nightmare, most other things are subjective. What this means is that someone may dream that they are in a plane crash because they are afraid of losing their jobs, but other may have this same dream because they feel their marriage is failing and there is nothing they can do about it. Understanding what causes nightmares with specific themes is very subjective.

You have to think what is going on in your life if you want to figure out what causes nightmares that you are having. These things are often directly related to what you are seeing each night when you close your eyes. These dreams are not always sending you messages in the way that you think, but they can tell you something is bothering you. At the very least, you know there is something of which you should be paying attention if you are having nightmares that are either recurring or unique each night.

Each night, when you go to sleep, your brain is busy processing what you have learned and seen during that particular day. You will not learn anything or store any long term memories from any day until you have gone to sleep. At times, what causes nightmares is simply that your brain is filing things away, and the random images that are floating around cause a nightmare to occur. At times, the answer to the cause of nightmares is that simple.

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When you are thinking about what causes nightmares in children, you can think about the same types of things. What you have to think about is what your child is going through. There could be some sort of stress or other situation that is causing them to have their nightmares each night. When they are having them over and over again, you can be almost positive that something is wrong and something is bothering them. What causes nightmares in children can be different from how it happens for adults, but know there is a good reason and that reason has to be found to make them stop.

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