Yoga back pain

I’ve experienced soreness and stiffness in my lower back for years. I’ve been to every kind of specialist there is, but am not satisfied with the various diagnoses I’ve received. Most of the doctors just wanted to put me on medication and send me away, but the last thing I want to do is become overly reliant on prescription pills. One doctor, however, did suggest that proper exercise might be the solution I was looking for, so I decided to do some research on the subject. I learned that many people did indeed have success with doing yoga for back pain relief, which is certainly encouraging news to someone in my situation.

But instead of jumping right into a new exercise routine, I had to try to figure out which poses and stretches would work best for me. The key to using yoga for back pain is being able to identify your problems so you can do exercises to strengthen those areas. I already knew that my issues were caused by years of playing sports, followed by years of sitting at a desk job for upwards of 8 hours per day. Plus, I have to admit that my mattress has seen better days. It sags in the middle and does not come close to providing enough support. Is it any wonder that I now have to turn to yoga for back pain relief?

Anyway, I obviously need exercises that will target my lower spine and the surrounding muscles. I checked a few different websites, and found lots of great programs that maximize the benefits of yoga for back pain. These exercise programs consist of simple stretches that can increase in intensity once you build up some strength and stamina. They’re easy enough for beginners to do on their own, so I don’t have to worry about messing anything up in that regard. In addition, I discovered many balance activities that are meant to help improve posture. Proper posture is also a critical element in eliminating minor spinal aches and pains, so I intend to incorporate these exercises into my routine as well.

Those of you who want a more intense workout will be happy to know that you can purchase DVDs aimed at people interested in yoga for back pain relief. There are many advantages to watching a DVD rather than just looking at a website, including the fact that you’ll have an instructor talking you through the moves. The instructor can tell you what you’re doing right or wrong and potentially help prevent accidental injuries. For this reason, I think I’m going to go ahead and buy a couple of these DVD workouts for myself.

Yoga back pain exercise

I’m not saying that doing yoga for back pain will be the ultimate answer for all sufferers, but I do believe that it’s at least worth a try. Just be sure to do the exercises for at least a month or two before making up your mind, because it’s unrealistic to expect results overnight!