Budget Aroma Therapy Candles ad

| December 29, 2010 | 14 Comments

A commercial from the Budget car rental company from years back.

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  1. jiimycrackcorn says:


  2. TahCee says:

    lmao i love this commercial!!!!!!!!!

  3. RaiseYourVoice777 says:

    hahaha omg

  4. picasso800 says:

    sweet :)

  5. girlzrmine says:

    I have been wanting to put this on myspace forEVER!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    It is my favorite commercial of all time, for sure.

  6. Toyota4Life says:


  7. chefstar says:

    Also, one of my favorites of all time! Thank you for posting. My second fave? (if anyone cares) is Jack in the Box – Meaty Cheesy Boys!

  8. HTRdly says:

    Hee hee :D I’ve been looking for this commercial for years! Thank you for putting it up!

  9. FCA1975 says:

    I thank whoever put this up also! This might be the 2nd funniest commercial of all time (behind the Superbowl FedEx caveman commercial).

  10. GUUZED says:

    Thank U for this upload ive been looking for this forever

  11. SugarSisstar77 says:

    The best commercial of all time! LMFAO!!! I was just asking someone if they’ve ever seen it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the upload.

  12. aROARahVyePer says:

    ROFL!!!! OMFG!!!! I completely love this! ahahahahahahah!

  13. FinalRespect says:


  14. aROARahVyePer says:

    Best Freakin’ Commercial Ever! LOLOLOLOL

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