Best beauty tips

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  • What to do after using a hair conditioning mask – When you make use of a hair conditioning mask, it can actually open up the hair cuticles. To make sure that your hair cuticles are closed after using the said mask, all you need to do is to apply a cold water rinse. Cold water can actually close your skin pores, as well as the hair cuticles.
  • Make use of clarifying shampoo to maintain the health of your hair and scalp – It is not uncommon for a woman to make use of certain hair care products for the whole week, especially when reporting for work or attending parties. Because of that, these products can leave certain chemicals on your hair and scalp, which may eventually harm it. To clear your hair from such substances, make use of a clarifying shampoo at the end of the week.
  • What to do with a chipped nail polish – If your nail polish has been chipped, if you still have time, you can always visit the parlor to get it fixed. Since they are the experts, you can entrust your nail polish to them. However, if you don’t have time for that, you can actually add glitter on top of it, in order to hide the chip from the public.
  • How to prevent undesirable eye bags – When the area just below your eyes appear puffed, you may not want to go out with your friends because of it. However, to make sure that it does not happen again, make sure that that area is always properly hydrated, and not often disturbed. Aside from that getting enough sleep can also prevent it effectively.

Best beauty tips


  • Exfoliate your ingrown hairs -Having ingrown hairs is not just unsightly, but it can also be painful. To fix it, you can actually exfoliate, so that you would be able to remove the dead cells. On top of that, it could also help the ingrown hair to finally go back to its normal growth.
  • When to apply creams – Creams can help you provide the moisture needed by your skin. However, it is best to apply them after taking a bath. This is because showering can actually wash out the natural oil from your skin. Therefore, when you apply the cream, it can help your skin in regaining back its natural oil and moisture.
  • How to keep hair color as vibrant as possible – Getting a new hair color can be expensive nowadays. Thus, it is best to maintain the vibrant of your hair color for as long as possible. To achieve that, you can simply make use of shampoos and conditioners, which are made for hair that has been colored. Just make sure to choose quality products, so that you would benefit from them.
  • Use a concealer to hide any imperfections – Whenever you have a pimple that you want to hide, you can always make use of a concealer for it. Aside from pimples though, you can also make use of it for any skin blemishes. Just choose a concealer that comes from a reputable company, so that you can be assured of its effectiveness.
  • Cleansers are better to use on face than soaps – When it comes to taking care of your face, it is better to use cleansers for it. Cleansers are actually gentler to your skin, and they can prevent breakouts. Thus, it you want to have healthier skin, use cleansers for your face, and soap for your body.

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