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  • Never substitute conditioner for shampoo – Some people think that using a conditioner can be more beneficial than using a shampoo. On the contrary, it is actually the opposite, since using a conditioner without shampooing beforehand can make your hair look greasier. Thus, a conditioner should not be viewed as an alternative to shampoo.
  • Do not shampoo your hair for more than once in a day – Some people think that the more they clean their hair, the better it is, which is why they shampoo for more than once in a day. This is actually not a good practice, since it can dry out your hair and your scalp. When that happens, your hair would look dull, and it might even trigger dandruff.
  • Do not be hesitant in changing your hairstyle from time to time – Changing your hairstyle from time to time is actually good, since it provides people a glimpse of the different sides of you. Aside from that, it would also give you a chance to really identify the kind of hairstyle that would suit you best, in terms of comfort and looks.
  • Use some hair dyes if your hair is getting gray – If your hair is getting gray, there is no need to be ashamed in dyeing it. Dyeing your hair would make you look younger. However, you should choose something that is not too harsh for it. Aside from that, after applying the hair dye, you should apply conditioner, to help make up for the lost moisture and oil.

Free beauty tips


  • Wash off mousse, gel, or any other hair products before going to bed – Before you call it a day, it is always best to remove any kind of hair products that you have applied. This is because mousse, gels, or any other items that you use to style your hair, can get your scalp irritated when allowed to stay overnight. Aside from that, they can also cause pimples.
  • Trim your fingernails on a regular basis – Trimming your nails is good not just for your hygiene but also for your beauty. However, it is best that you trim it in consistent lengths. Aside from that, make sure that you know how to shape them nicely, so that they would look fashionable.
  • Wear gloves in the winter – During colder months, you may see that your hands would get dried out. To prevent dry and calloused hands, you should wear gloves, especially when you go out of your house. Aside from that, you can also soak your hands in warm water, which is filled with olive oil for 5 minutes.
  • Always wear clean socks – When you wear socks, it is best that you make sure that they are clean. Wearing dirty socks is not a good sight to see. Aside from that, they can also make your feet dirty. In addition, dirty socks can also trigger bad smell on your feet.
  • Choose clothes that fit you comfortably – Wearing clothes that are either too tight or too big for you is not a good idea. It can make you uncomfortable, which can affect the way you carry yourself. Thus, before going out of the house, make sure that you are wearing something that perfectly fits you.
  • Wash your clothes on a regular basis, but do it carefully – Washing your clothes after wearing them on a regular basis should be done, not just for hygiene, but also to ensure that they are maintained well. However, it is best to check the kind of materials they are made off, so that you can apply the right kind of washing. If you are not conscious about it, then you might end up with clothes that are cleaned, but are no longer in good shape.


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